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What to do if Your Dentures Keep Slipping Off


Dentures and partial dentures have the appeal of being the most affordable solution when you have a number of missing teeth, but they do carry some significant disadvantages. They can slip in your mouth, and this means you may have difficulty chewing certain foods properly. Slippage may also interfere with your speech, and words can become slurred when your dentures don’t stay in place as they should. Because dental care is constantly improving and providing innovative solutions to oral issues, there are some relatively new processes which can provide a great answer to this type of problem.

Denture stabilization allows people to continue to realize the advantages and affordability of dentures without having to tolerate any of the drawbacks. Dental stabilization is a more effective process than using dental adhesives, which can still fail, and which will also generally impart an undesirable taste in the mouth when being used. Denture stabilization involves using implants to anchor the dentures into place, so that no slippage is possible.

Unlike traditional dentures, implant dentures become a permanent solution in your mouth, because they are firmly anchored to the jawbone. The implant stays in place indefinitely, but the denture itself can be removed at night for a thorough cleaning. People who undergo denture stabilization find that their dentures are much easier to talk with, and that chewing foods is much more reliable. Because foods are chewed more properly, you’ll enjoy improved digestion and better overall health.

Another alternative – snap on smiles

There are often occasions which come up that force you to come up with a quick but effective solution to your not-so-great smile or to less than perfect functionality. When you don’t have time to undergo denture repair or to have implants installed to stabilize your dentures, you can now get what’s known as a snap on smile. As its name suggests, this is a temporary solution which will allow you to look your best at a rapidly approaching event like a wedding or public outing.

A snap-on smile consists of a resin tray which fits over your current teeth. They’re extremely thin, so they feel quite natural and they look as though they’re your regular teeth. Because they are custom designed to fit your mouth, they snap in and out very easily, hence the name. A snap-on smile can be acquired in as few as two sessions, with the first session being necessary to take impressions of your teeth, so that a good fit will be insured. You’ll be able to pick the exact shade you want for your teeth, even a dazzling new white smile.

The oral impressions are sent to a laboratory, and generally within two weeks, veneers will be prepared and sent back to your dentist. Then a second session will be necessary for a final fitting over your normal teeth, and at this time you’ll acquire your great new smile. It should be remembered that this is only a temporary solution which will get you through whatever important event you have on your agenda. For a longer-term solution, you’ll need to have actual dental veneers installed, and this will give you the great smile that you want for number of years.

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Dentist in Charleston, Summerville, & Camden

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