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All on 4 Implants

Many people have heard of all on 4 implants, without knowing exactly what they are. This procedure involves replacing all of your upper or lower teeth by installing just four implants, and then placing crowns or false teeth over them. Whereas traditional implants generally require one implant per missing tooth, this special technique allows your dentist to replace an entire arch of upper or lower teeth with just the four implants. Afterward, your teeth will look and feel perfectly normal, just like your original teeth did.

Pros and Cons of All on 4 Implants

People considering the procedure are generally anxious to know the pros and cons of all on 4 dental implants. The downside of the procedure is that it does require surgery, although the process is completely painless. After the implants have been installed, it will take several months for the implants to fuse with the jawbone, before the new teeth can be installed. So the process can be fairly lengthy from start to finish. Another drawback might be that as dental procedures go, this is a somewhat expensive procedure. The cost includes the surgery as well as all the new teeth.

Benefits of All on 4 Implants

The benefits of having all on 4 implants installed are considerable. First of all, your normal dental hygiene will be the same as when you were brushing and flossing your original teeth. There will also be less impact on other teeth, which might actually be used as anchors. The fact that only four implants are necessary serves to keep the cost manageable, as opposed to having one implant per tooth installed. When you have dental implants installed, your mouth and your smile will look and feel perfectly natural. This will generally lead to a higher level of self-confidence and a better quality of life.

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If you’re looking to have all your upper or lower teeth replaced, we can accomplish that for you by providing all-on-4 dental implants. Contact us today, so our Ammons Dental by Design specialists can answer any of your questions, or arrange for an initial consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: An entire arch of upper or lower teeth can be replaced using just four implants. Normally, one implant per missing tooth is necessary.
A: Typically, it will cost between $18,000 and $24,000 to have all-on-4 implants installed.
A: If you live anywhere around the regions of Charleston, Summerville, Camden, or James Island in South Carolina, you should contact Ammons Dental by Design.
A: A good candidate would be someone who is anticipating removal of all upper or lower teeth, or both. It would also be helpful to have a healthy jawbone, so implants can easily be installed.
A: Definitely. They will look and feel so natural, that no one will know you have implants installed unless you tell them.

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