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What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are actually small titanium screws that get inserted into the jawbone, for the purpose of providing an anchor for an artificial tooth or crown which gets installed over it. The titanium will actually become part of the jawbone over a period of several months, so it can provide the best possible foundation for a crown, a bridge, or a denture that gets emplaced in the mouth as a replacement. The implant serves as the root of the tooth, and provides the same kind of stability for any artificial dental appliance that gets installed.

Types of Implant Procedures Performed by Ammons Dental

  • Dental Implants – patients who want dental implants installed can either choose the ‘same-day’ implants or the traditional ones. Same-day implants will allow you to leave the dental office with a temporary replacement tooth in place, but in order for the melding process to fully occur, it will be necessary for several months to elapse, so the titanium post can actually become part of the jawbone.
  • Denture Stabilization – denture stabilization involves adding implants in the mouth in order to completely stabilize your dentures in position. This is a desirable approach because it eliminates all the possible movement in your mouth of ordinary dentures. That can lead to problems with eating and speaking, and it can also be uncomfortable, so having the dentures fixed in place will allow you to be much more confident about your dentures. Given the fact that they are solidly anchored in place, your dentures will not slip or slide at all. Some dentures are of the ‘snap-in’ type, which means they can be snapped into place on the implants, thus allowing for cleaning them and removing them at night, if so desired.
  • All on 4 – this is a unique implant procedure which allows a patient to replace an entire arch of upper or lower teeth, using just four implants. Because they do not press down on your gums like dentures would, they are usually much more comfortable for patients than dentures. All-on-4 implants will look, feel, and perform just like your natural teeth, and after a little bit of practice, you’ll notice that you can bite down in the same way you always could with your real teeth. Another aspect of having all-on-4 implants installed is that they have a documented 98% success rate, so you can count on the procedure going well, and having a terrific smile after installation. In most cases, there is no bone-grafting necessary with all-on-4 implants, whereas bone-grafting is fairly common with ordinary implants.

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