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Teeth Straightening in SC

Patients of all ages have general dentistry needs- from crises to cleanings- which may include teeth straightening. Teeth that are not aligned properly can cause problems later if left untreated- don’t let crooked teeth impact your quality of life.   If misaligned teeth are impacting your smile or your confidence, talk to the team at Ammons Dental. Every patient is different, which is why we offer distinctive and pragmatic approaches in collaboration with the patient to find the most effective way to enhance your smile.   Clear dental aligners are becoming a widely popular solution for teeth that are misaligned, crooked, or gapped. We are proud to have Dr. Michael Ammons, our in-house Invisalign specialist, available for patients at Downtown Charleston, Summerville, Camden, and James Island locations. Fast, effective, and discreet, more people are turning to Invisalign clear aligners for their best smile ever.   Ask your dentist about teeth straightening options that make sense for you at your next appointment!

Teeth Straightening Options for Patients

Studies show that over 90% of patients who have worn invisible clear aligners report satisfaction and success, stating that the outcome is worth the monetary cost. Other studies show that up to 96% of Invisalign cases are deemed effective and successful by the patients, themselves, as well as their dental providers. Yes, clear aligners can cost more than other straightening methods, like metal braces, but aligners typically only take about a year of treatment as opposed to two or more years with traditional braces. For this reason, the two are comparable in price and one may make more sense than the other, based on your teeth.   So, what is the real difference between metal braces and clear aligners? It is not all about appearance:
  • Aligners serve as a buffer for tooth trauma from contact, accidents, or grinding of teeth, providing protection for the enamel from deterioration. 
  • It is easier to speak and articulate with clear aligners as opposed to metal braces. It only takes a few days to adapt and speak normally with Invisalign. 
  • Many wearers report that Invisalign if more comfortable to wear than metal braces. 
  • It is easier to brush and floss your natural teeth with aligners, as you can take them out to reach and access areas of the mouth with ease. This is not possible with metal braces, so your dental hygiene may suffer. 
  • It is easier to eat with aligners as you remove them when you eat, drink, and brush your teeth. It is more comfortable to bite, chew, and swallow with aligners than with traditional metal braces. 
  • There are areas of the teeth when wearing metal braces that are simply inaccessible with a brush or floss. Dental hygiene may be much simpler with removable aligners than with metal braces. 
  For younger patients, the stigma of wearing metal braces may cause difficulty- clear aligners present another tooth straightening option! Some kids may simply be more at-ease wearing aligners that are not as visible to the eye as metal braces are; talk to your provider at Ammons Dental by Design to learn more!   Some conditions effectively resolved by clear aligners include these:
  • Misaligned teeth 
  • Crooked teeth 
  • Gaps between teeth 
  • An Underbite 
  • An Overbite 
  • A Crossbite  
A comprehensive exam with your dentist is the best way to determine which straightening option suits you best. Call or visit to schedule your appointment at one of our locations- near Camden, James Island, Summerville, or Charleston- today.

What to Expect with Clear Aligners

When talking about Invisalign, many patients may think that it is a long, arduous process. It actually is quite swift! The alignment trays are changed every week or two- depending on your progress- so it seems like progress is quick, which is encouraging for any patient.   Still usure if clear teeth aligners will work for you? Let us explain more of what to expect- here is what you need to know!   Your dentist will inform you if your teeth are misaligned. Industry experts suggest that by taking children to the dentist early, they should determine if they need orthodontic intervention by age 7. This helps prevent further complications or problems later-on.    Your dental provider will discuss options based on the severity of your misalignment- clear aligners are not as effective as metal braces for severe cases. A scan of your mouth is the next step of the Invisalign process. This scan is used to make the alignment trays that the patient wears 22-24 hours each day.    These trays gradually move the teeth and are changed for a new tray every week or two.    Patients wearing clear aligners are recommended to only remove the aligner tray from the fixtures attaching it to your teeth, to eat or drink. You may also remove the aligners to brush and floss your natural teeth- the aligners make it easy to maintain great dental hygiene.    It typically takes six months to a year to see results and notice straightening of your teeth. It is common for clear aligners to worn for a year.    Patients needing alignment should never let cost compromise their decision to see a dentist. Many dental providers offer programs, payment arrangements, and assistance with insurance carriers to help cover the cost of teeth straightening in SC.    Your teeth are intended to last a lifetime. Take care of them- including teeth straightening if they are misaligned. Talk to a dentist to learn more today.  
  When it comes to the battle between traditional braces and clear aligners, patients widely appreciate aligners, like Invisalign, for these reasons:
  • Discreet appearance 
  • Facilitates proper bite 
  • Better speech articulation 
  • Easier to eat and digest food 
  • More effective brushing and flossing 
  • Ease of maintaining the aligners 
  • Comfort  
Additionally, if you wear an aligner, your teeth are protected from the trauma of contact injuries, too. Are you a teeth-grinder at night? Your Invisalign aligners can be a buffer that preserves the enamel on your teeth. This may help to reduce the sensitivity that can occur from teeth-grinding, while also preserving the enamel from premature deterioration. Invisalign clear alignment trays are a win-win!

Not sure about your teeth straightening options? We can help!

At Ammons Dental by Design, we want to answer your questions about teeth straightening. You have options- and we can help! Whether you are a candidate for Invisalign- or if you need more extensive orthodontic treatment, it begins by scheduling an initial consultation with the dentist to find out more. If you live near Camden, James Island, Summerville, or Charleston, we have a convenient location near you for your convenient access. Contact us today for your best smile ever!

Does Whitening Work on All Teeth?

Teeth whitening tends to work best for people who have yellow teeth, and it is much less effective when used on people who have teeth that are stained brown. If teeth are purple or gray, teeth whitening probably will not be very effective at all.

Teeth Straightening FAQs

Here are a few of the most common questions asked by our patients regarding straightening their teeth:
A. It is estimated that in about 96% of all cases, Invisalign aligners are a complete success, meeting the goals set by the patient and provider. If you have severe misalignment, clear aligners may not be the best straightening option; talk to your dentist to learn more.
A. There are several distinctions between traditional braces and Invisalign- the first being appearance. Invisalign is discreet and hard to notice, while braces are not. You can remove Invisalign to eat, drink, and brush or floss your teeth- which you cannot do with metal braces. Clear aligners straighten teeth in about a year on average, while it typically takes about two years with metal braces. Metal braces, however, are more effective with severe or complex straightening cases.
A. Invisalign can cost between $2,000- $7,000, depending on how misaligned the teeth are, length of treatment, and if insurance helps defray the costs. The cost of metal braces and Invisalign are comparable- so there is no significant difference between the two. If you are considering Invisalign, contact your dentist’s office to learn more about costs and payment options available to you.
A. Yes, over 90% of patients surveyed report that the results of their teeth straightening with clear aligners was worth the financial costs that they paid for treatment.
A. It usually takes an average of 12 months to get straighter teeth when wearing clear aligners as instructed by your dental provider. Some report results in six months.
A. The first step of the Invisalign process is to have your dentist examine your teeth. This should lead to a tentative plan that addresses your teeth straightening options and concerns. The dentist will custom-make a set of aligners for you that will be changed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, as your teeth move and realign.
A. You can find Invisalign right here, at Ammon’s Dental by Design, near Camden, James Island, Summerville, or Charleston, South Carolina. We are proud to offer several locations to help us serve you better. Call or visit today!

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