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Teeth Cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning

It is necessary to have a professional teeth cleaning every six months, and that’s why your dentist schedules your appointments six months apart. During this period of time, plaque and tartar can build up, and other oral health issues can develop, and the six-month interval will generally be sufficient for your dentist to identify any issues before they can develop into problems.

What Happens During a Teeth Cleaning?

A professional teeth cleaning is a bit more involved than the procedure you would use at home. It calls for the use of a small mirror and a tool which is capable of removing caked-on plaque and tartar which is usually situated around the gum line, and sometimes between the teeth as well. Your dentist will be looking for any signs of inflammation around the gums or teeth, because this could indicate a problem which requires attention. At the end of the procedure, a thorough cleaning will be administered, and your dentist will usually floss your teeth as well to help get you in the habit.

Teeth and gum examination

A good teeth and gum examination will check for the presence of cavities as well as any gum disease which might be in the early stages. In some cases, it may be necessary to take x-rays, where small cavities are developing and cannot be seen clearly with the naked eye. At this time also, your dentist will evaluate your risk of developing other oral health problems, and advise you of any preventive or corrective steps which may be necessary.

Polishing and flossing

When you have your teeth cleaned professionally, your dentist will polish and floss them to get you off to a good start on the next six-month period between visits. This is not only a great habit for you to get into, but it also provides some immediate instruction on proper technique.


Scaling is the process of removing all the plaque and tartar which might be around your teeth, in between them, and which has also settled down around the gum line. Removal of this material is very important, because if left in place, it can lead to the formation of cavities and other issues.


A professional brushing at your dentist’s office will be sure to have your teeth cleaned and polished thoroughly, and will get you off on the right foot for your home hygiene routine.


Flossing is very important as one component of dental hygiene, because it helps to remove material which gets trapped between the teeth, and might be difficult to remove.

Routine dental cleanings

These are very important, because most patients simply don’t have the skills or the knowledge necessary to remove plaque and tartar from all tooth surfaces, and from around the gum line.

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To take advantage of a thorough professional teeth cleaning, contact us at Ammons Dental by Design. Our specialists will ensure that your teeth are completely clear of plaque, tartar, and all other material which might get caught on tooth surfaces and on the gum line. Make these teeth cleanings a regular part of your program for good dental hygiene.

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