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Tooth implant: Replace Missing Tooth

It is estimated that millions of people in this country are missing teeth, due primarily to gum disease and tooth decay, but also to injury and dental trauma. Traditionally, adult tooth loss meant that you needed a bridge or possibly dentures- but now there are new options available that are more secure, comfortable, and natural than ever before.

Why is it important to replace missing teeth?

There are many reasons why it is important to replace a missing tooth- or missing teeth. When you leave missing teeth untreated, you face some serious oral health issues:

  • The average adult has 28 teeth. When one or more are missing, the other teeth try to compensate and shift. This moves your teeth and puts your bite out of alignment. Over time, tooth shifting can make it so your teeth don’t come together properly when you close your mouth- which can impact speech and the ability to eat.
  • When you do not replace teeth and have a biting issue, it puts undue stress and strain on the jaw. This may cause sensitivity to cold, hot, or sweets overtime.
  • When there are extra spaces in and around your teeth, it is easy for bacteria and plaque to accumulate. This leads to gum disease and possibly tooth loss later. It can be tough to get in and between to clean these areas.
  • When you are missing teeth and chewing differently, it can impact how you digest the food that you eat. Some other possible consequences are difficulty swallowing, choking, and even acid reflux!
  • Missing teeth can cause the face to appear sunk-in and older than it normally would
  • Missing teeth can cause the jawbone to deteriorate, which may change the shape of your face. Your jaw may lose the ability to support the remaining teeth.
  • If you do not replace teeth, you may have difficulty articulating your words when speaking.
  • Some patients report a loss of self-confidence when they are missing teeth.

Today, you have a lot of treatment options available to replace a missing tooth. Here is what you need to know about a tooth implant:

Dental Implants in South Carolina

Dental implants refer to small metal posts that are inserted into the jaw, which eventually grows around and fuses the implants in-place. These implanted posts serve as anchors for false or replacement teeth to be attached and secured, restoring the smile and bite of the patient. It takes several months for implants to fully heal and fuse to the jaw- which is what makes them feel as snug and solid as your own teeth. With implants in place, your dental provider can add a crown, denture, or bridge-whatever your dental needs are. Remember that this procedure involves dental implant surgery, and you should plan on time for recovery and healing after.

Types of Implants at Ammons Dental

You have dental implant options at Ammons Dental by Design. Dental Implants are offered in the traditional style or same-day option. Your dentist will be able to discuss these two distinct choices with you- but know that either way, you will need to allow several months for your mouth to fully heal. Denture Stabilization relates to implants that support and stabilize the denture, which prevents the slippage and shifting that can occur with traditional dentures. The result are teeth that feel secure, strong, and natural– so you can eat and speak with confidence and comfort. These often snap in makes them secure, but still easy to remove and clean as needed. All on 4 provides the aesthetics and advantages of a new arch of teeth, but with only four implants needed to stabilize them. This prevents pressure on the gums and makes the dentures more comfortable to wear. Plus, it is a lot easier and cheaper to get four implants instead of the usual necessary implant-per-tooth. Want to learn more? Call to talk to the implant experts at Ammons Dental. Schedule an initial consultation at our locations in James Island, Summerville, Camden, or Downtown Charleston, for your convenience. We look forward to seeing you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does a tooth implant typically cost?
A. The price that you pay for dental implants depends on many factors, including the type of replacement, number of implants, condition of your mouth, and more. Whether you have dental insurance coverage also impacts what you pay out of pocket. It is estimated that an implant can cost around $3,000 to $4,500, on average.
Q. How Much Does a Single Tooth Implant Cost?
A. There are many factors that impact the cost, but a rough estimate for a single tooth implant is around $3,000.
Q. What are the benefits of dental veneers?
A. Dental Veneers offer a natural and transformative appearance. The veneer material is resistant to discoloration, so your smile stays whiter longer. These veneers are durable and long lasting, too.
Q. Are there any disadvantages to wearing dental veneers?
A. Some veneers can cause tooth sensitivity due to the process involved.
Q. Why do you have pain after a dental implant?
A. Dental implants is a surgical procedure and, as such, requires time to heal after. If you are experiencing pain beyond the typical three days of discomfort that most providers caution, contact your dentist right away. You could be experiencing pain due to an infection or if you have gum disease. You could also have pain with implants if you smoke after surgery or have untreated diabetes.
Q. Are dental implants better then dentures?
A. Dental implants are more securely affixed to the jaw than traditional dentures, which is why dentures that are stabilized with dental implants fit better and are more comfortable. They can also make it easier to speak and eat than when wearing regular, removable dentures.
Q. Do implants hurt?
A. Dental implants require dental surgery so, yes, there may be discomfort involved during and following the procedure. Your dentist should offer accommodations to make you as comfortable as possible during the surgery, as well as during recovery.
Q. How long does it take to heal from dental implant surgery?
A. There are contributing factors involved, but it can take at least a couple months for your jaw to heal after dental implant surgery and for the implant to fuse with the bone of your jaw.
Q. Is it painful to have a dental crown placed?
A. There is some discomfort to be expected when having a dental crown placed, but it is not excessive, and your provider may make accommodations to keep you comfortable. There is dental drilling involved and the sound is what makes many patients uncomfortable- convey your concerns to your provider during the initial consultation to learn more.
Q. What are some reasons for getting dental veneers?
A. Patients that want a transformed smile will often invest in porcelain dental veneers. Porcelain is the material of choice as it is well tolerated by the gums in your mouth. Plus, porcelain resists stains and stays white and bright. Veneers provide a new, aesthetically pleasing appearance that is sturdy and strong for biting, eating, and speaking.
Q. What is the average life expectancy for a dental crown?
A. If you take good care of your dental crown- and you should- it may last you as long as 30 years! The average lifespan of a dental crown may only be about half of that, around 15 years under normal circumstances. Some things that impact its lifespan is your dental hygiene habits, wear-and-tear, and any mouth or tooth trauma endured.
Q. What should you not do after getting a dental crown?
A. You should not skip regular brushing and flossing- and you should never use your teeth as tools to open things, cut things, etc. Make sure that you see your dentist every six months- or as often as is recommended.
Q. What is the cheapest dental implant?
A. The cheapest full mouth dental implant is likely to be the removable option available to you. Talk to your dental provider to learn more- as well as to determine which procedure is best suited to you.
Q. What are some important dental implant recovery tips?
A. It is important that you take it easy and rest after dental implant surgery. Do not plan to work on the day of your surgery- and try to take the time that you need to let your mouth heal properly. Some other tips include following the instructions that your dentist provides to you vigilantly. Use ice as needed for pain and be careful of what you try to chew and eat during recovery. Take your medications as ordered by your provider.
Q. Why would you need a Dental Bridge?
A. Your dental provider may recommend a dental bridge if you have a loss of bone mass in your jaw as well as if you lack facial muscle to support other tooth replacement options. Those with TMJD may also benefit from a dental bridge.
Q. What type of dental bridge is the best?
A. The best type of dental bridge depends on several factors. Your dentist is in the best position to determine which type of bridge makes the most sense between a traditional fixed bridge and an implant supported bridge, which is less common but more secure.
Q. Considering dental implants? Contact us today!
A. Are you missing teeth? Consider these tooth implant options if you suffer from adult tooth loss. Talk to the team at Ammons Dental by Design, including specialists, Dr. Michael Ammons and Dr. Jay W. Hustead, regarding implants at one of several South Carolina locations. among the board of doctors handle the implant cases at the office. Go ahead and contact us today!

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