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Relax with Sedation Dentistry

If you’re someone who feels anxious about going to the dentist, or even avoids the dentist altogether because of fear, you’re not alone! Millions of Americans suffer from various levels of dental anxiety. Instead of putting off the treatment you need because of your nerves, visit Ammons Dental by Design, where we offer sedation dentistry to help you feel completely at ease while we do all the work!

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Nitrous Oxide

Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is best for patients with mild to moderate nerves about visiting the dentist. During your appointment, you’ll wear a small mask over your nose. Breathe in the sweet-smelling gas to experience heightened relaxation while we complete your dental work. Once we’re done, breathe normally for a few minutes to completely reverse the effects of the gas. Nitrous is a gentle sedation solution great for patients of all ages.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Patients with moderate to severe dental anxiety may find that oral conscious sedation is a great option for them. Your doctor will prescribe a pill for you to take shortly before your treatment begins. The pill will leave you feeling completely at ease, and possibly a bit drowsy, but you’ll be conscious the whole time to answer any questions we may have or to alert us to any discomfort you feel. If you’ll be under oral conscious sedation during a dental appointment, we require that you have someone with you who can drive you home afterwards.

IV Sedation

Our team is certified to provide IV sedation for patients with extreme dental anxiety and those undergoing invasive procedures. While administering the IV sedation, we monitor you carefully the entire time to ensure that you are receiving the proper dose to stay comfortable but safe. Have questions about how we administer IV sedation? Ask us at your consultation or your appointment! We want to address all of your concerns so you feel confident in the care you receive.

Sedation Dentistry FAQs

Yes! Our team is trained in all the various sedation options, so we all know how to administer it correctly to patients of all ages. We also carefully monitor patients under sedation to ensure that they’re comfortable and safe throughout their appointment. If you have safety concerns, let your team know before we begin.

The cost of sedation depends on the type of sedation you’ll be receiving. If possible, let us know in advance that you need sedation to keep you comfortable during your appointment. That way, we can check insurance benefits or give you an out-of-pocket expense quote before the day of your appointment. We have a variety of financial options available to you, and we’re happy to discuss those with you.

During your consultation, we will go over our three sedation options—nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation—and take your personal anxiety level and the treatment you need into account before recommending which type of sedation we think will work best for your case. Our goal is to accommodate your needs and help you feel as comfortable as possible, so if you have any fears or concerns, please reach out to us!

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Let us Keep You Relaxed with Sedation Dentistry!

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Dentist in Charleston, Summerville, & Camden

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