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Orthodontics in Camden & Charleston, SC

Did you know that a straighter smile can do more than just enhance your overall appearance? It can also improve your oral health! Crooked teeth and bite alignment issues can increase the likelihood of tooth decay and cavities and can lead to nighttime teeth grinding, too. At Ammons Dental By Design, our Camden and James Island offices have state-of-the-art orthodontic options to help you achieve a straight, attractive smile. A Young boy with braces smiling in a library

Traditional Metal Braces

We offer traditional metal braces to fix a variety of alignment issues ranging from mild to more complex cases. With advancements in dentistry, the brackets are smaller and more comfortable than ever before. You can even incorporate your personality and preference into your orthodontic treatment by choosing your favorite color bands to go around your brackets. A beautiful woman smiling as she puts on her Invisalign aligner trays

Invisalign® Clear Aligner Therapy

If you want to achieve a straighter smile but stray from traditional brackets and wires, we have Invisalign clear aligner therapy. Invisalign utilizes a series of clear, plastic aligner trays to gently push your teeth into their desired positions over time. Not only are the aligners discreet, but they’re also user-friendly. You can remove them to attend special events, eat, brush, and floss. A young woman looks over her shoulder smiling at the camera

PAOO Treatment

Periodontally Accelerated Osteo Orthodontics, also known as PAOO, combines periodontics and orthodontics to speed up the teeth straightening process. It creates a regional acceleratory phenomenon (RAP) that stimulates the jawbone and accelerates tooth movement. PAOO is a great orthodontic option for significantly reducing treatment time. Two young girls with braces smiling at each other

Cost of Orthodontic Treatment

The cost of orthodontics depends on the severity of your alignment, your oral health, the orthodontic treatment you choose, and more. When you visit Ammons Dental By Design for a consultation, we’ll examine your smile, go over your smile goals, and help you pick an orthodontic option that fits your needs, lifestyle, and budget. We offer a variety of financial options to help you get a straighter smile without breaking the bank. Questions? Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

While there are lots of aspects of dentistry that can be handled by your regular dentist with in-office visits, there are problems that need the expertise and experience of specialists. When you have issues of spacing, alignment, and straightening your teeth, your best option is to work with an orthodontist to give you your best smile.

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that focuses on the alignment of teeth. Most commonly, people think of orthodontics when they think of braces. Orthodontists are dentists who work with clients to straighten their teeth with braces. However, this is only one aspect of orthodontics.

Any type of care related to the way the teeth are aligned and fit into your mouth falls under orthodontic care. Any care that focuses on bites, straightening and occlusion (the contact of your teeth when you close your mouth) falls under orthodontics. As a specialty practice in dentistry, your dentist may recommend that you see an orthodontist if you have a dental issue that goes beyond the general scope of dentistry. This ensures that you get the expertise and care needed to give you the smile you want and need.

Like other specialty care, you may not need to see an orthodontist as often as your regular dentist. However, if you have a need that falls under orthodontics, it is important to have it addressed as quickly as possible to prevent minor issues from becoming big problems.

Types of Orthodontic Problems

Even though orthodontists are best known for using braces to realign teeth, this is only one part of what they do to provide care for your teeth. Some of what orthodontists address includes:

Straightening teeth through braces and other dental devices, such as space maintainers and retainers, to ensure that your smile is straight and that your teeth line up properly when you bite down. These straightening devices also address overbites, underbites, and crossbites. The type of treatment needed depends heavily on what the problem is and how it needs to be fixed. Your orthodontist will develop a recommended treatment plan for you so you can get the smile you want.

Spacing problems, which may be related to crooked teeth, can be addressed through orthodontics. Gaps between teeth, as well as teeth crowding together, can be corrected with the help of an orthodontist. As with straightening your teeth, different devices are used based on the unique needs of your smile, and your orthodontist will recommend a specific treatment plan to ensure that the spacing between your teeth is even.

Congenitally missing teeth, which means a missing adult tooth from birth, can be addressed by an orthodontist, as well. Though most people have adult teeth under their baby teeth, which erupt in childhood, there are cases in which the adult teeth are missing. This can lead to other teeth shifting to fill the gap or trouble with your teeth lining up when you bite down.

Extra teeth can also be a problem, especially for those with a small jaw. Extracting these teeth can result in improper spacing among the remaining teeth. Working with an orthodontist to address extra teeth ensures that you get the results you want and need when extra teeth are removed. Removing extra teeth may also improve the overall look of your smile and prevent your smile from looking overly crooked since your teeth need a certain amount of space to look even.

When to See an Orthodontist

If you are visiting your dentist for your regular six-month check-ups, your dentist is likely to let you know if there is a need to visit an orthodontist. Though a general dentist does not specialize in orthodontics, they are trained to identify issues with your teeth that would be best handled by an orthodontist. One of the advantages of going to your regular six-month check-up appointments is that your dentist may identify these issues early so they can be addressed more easily.

You may also ask your dentist if you have any concerns about the alignment or spacing of your teeth.

The American Dental Association recommends that you have your first orthodontic visit no later than age seven. This will help determine if early intervention is needed for your adult teeth as well as to get ahead of issues that could become problems in the future. However, much of the time, people do not visit an orthodontist unless their regular dentist recommends it or they have a problem they want addressed. Even if you do not need intervention, it is a better idea to be cautious and consult with an orthodontist about your smile.

If you have questions about the alignment and spacing of your teeth, contact us today to address your orthodontic needs in the Camden, Downtown Charleston, James Island, or Summerville area.

Frequently Asked Braces Questions

A. The American Dental Association recommends an orthodontist visit by age seven because that is when adult teeth are starting to come in. If your child is having problems as adult teeth are coming in, they can be identified early and addressed to that your child can avoid bigger dental problems later on.

A. Orthodontics is a specialty practice of dentistry. Your general dentist does a great job helping you take care of your teeth, but orthodontics is different and requires special attention. If your dentist recommends you see an orthodontist, it is because they think you need that special expertise to help you get your best and healthiest smile.

A. Braces are a way to straighten teeth. An orthodontist may recommend braces for several different reasons. If braces are recommended to straighten the teeth but there are no other problems, they may not be necessary. However, braces may be needed to help align the teeth if your child’s teeth do not bite properly. Braces can also help prevent problems later on.

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